‘Irregularity’ in Rory’s heart makes golf world skip a heart beat; but McIlroy is unfazed
13 Jan, 2018

Rory McIlroy, who is getting ready for 2018 with an appearance at the Abu Dhabi Championships later this month, revealed that a recent health check has shown up an "irregularity" with his heart.

It sent the social world and twitter into a tizzy, but McIlroy himself is unfazed saying it was probably a result of a viral infection that he picked up in 2016 in China.

In an interview to the Daily Telegraph, McIlroy said, "I’ve got a bit of an irregularity with my heart that I have to keep on top of.”

"I have a flat T-wave and I’ll have to get an echo [cardiogram] on my heart every six months and an MRI scan every year.

"I suffered a really bad viral infection in China 18 months ago and they told me that’s the reason that I have this thickening of my left ventricle and there’s a bit of scar tissue. For now, I just need to stay on top of it and have to stay fit. Hey, I was planning on doing that anyway."

McIlroy returns to action after a four-month break when he plays in the Abu Dhabi Championship next Thursday.

Still on his health issues, McIlroy also  said that his troublesome rib injury had cleared up. He said, “The rib’s fine, no problems whatsoever – I had an MRI scan on my thoracic spine and all was okay."

When the social world erupted in agony over McIlroy’s revelation, the 28-year-old four-time Major winner himself took to Instagram where he said the discovery of the heart irregularity is 'nothing to worry about.'

"It's really not that big of a deal," he wrote, "and nothing to worry about, apart from getting an annual check-up, like you should do anyway.

"I feel there's been a big reaction to it in the media which there really shouldn't be. I'm fit and healthy and can't wait to get my 2018 season started in Abu Dhabi next week."

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